Friday, 7 May 2021


Sure there are a whole lot of feet that touch your wood floor, loved ones, friends, neighbors, neighbors, dogs, cats -- that they all have toes. But the toes you aren't thinking about can do the most damage. Your furniture has feet also. Couches, tables, seats -- every one of them usually has four feet. The hardwood floor experts at Floor Sanding Lambeth Have two words to you -- felt pads.

Maintain Your Socks on

Felt pads are just like socks to your furniture. They're the best protection against furniture feet scratching your timber floors. And here's the fantastic news...they are cheap! Yep, dirt cheap. Just trot down to the local Target, Walmart, Lowe's or Home Depot and you'll get a wide variety of furniture felt pads at a broad array of sizes for only a couple of bucks. In case you have wood floors and furniture, then you probably already have sensed pads. They do a fantastic job of protecting your long as they stay attached.

Felt Pad Adhesion 101

If you discover random felt pads on your floor, follow these tips to secure them in place.

Get a jar of two-part epoxy paste. (It's two components that combine together to make an additional powerful bond.)

Clean out the bottoms of your seat feet with rubbing alcohol and give them a few seconds to dry.

Mix the two parts of glue onto a paper plate and apply them to the base of the chairs using a toothpick.

Place the felt pad on the bottom of the feet and let dry. (you might need to prop your seats upside down until the adhesive is dry so that the pads do not slide off)

Allow the paste dry in accordance with the directions on the package and you are all set.

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Thursday, 25 March 2021

What Is Vintage Hardwood Flooring?


Vintage flooring, like classic clothing is a highly sought after flooring alternative today. Antique flooring is essentially old new or flooring flooring that has been made to seem as if it's extremely old. Broadly , vintage flooring has a worn look and a thickness to it that new floors might at times be thought to lack.

Vintage flooring has become highly desired thanks to the knock on effect of this requirement for reclaimed wood flooring. Because reclaimed flooring is in limited distribution, it's common for individuals fail to track down what they're looking for at a price they are ready to pay. At this point these individuals are highly likely to think about flooring which has been automatically obsolete, distressed, coloured and stained to give it an older, or vintage look.

The techniques utilized to produce new flooring take on a classic appearance are diverse and increasing all of the time. Normally, debilitating a wood flooring is the method used to create the classic appearance. Distressing entails damaging the flooring to make it seem like it has endured many years of wear and tear. By hand, chains, scrapers, hammers and other harmful items are utilized to produce the distressed, or classic effect that's so desirable now. A distressed hardwood flooring implies that the flooring has an extensive history and a small story to tell. A look that works nicely in both modern and traditional interior configurations, it's simple to see why distressed, or antique hardwood flooring is so desired.

Another option to hand painful is for floors to be tumbled. A tumbled floor is wood flooring which has a very similar looking end to hand distressed or classic flooring. Tumbling involves rotating the floor boards in a huge drum where they roll about and bounce off each other causing damage to both the faces and the edges of the planks. The end result of tumbling is arguably more arbitrary than hand distressing and it has the added benefit of debilitating the borders of the planks, which serves to change the overall look when the floor is laid, giving it a really commendable, classic look.

As a result of the effectiveness of those techniques, manually"vintage-d" floors cost a fraction of the purchase price of a reclaimed flooring, but by it's very nature will not have the exact same heritage or ecological value as the actual thing.


Thursday, 16 July 2020


Tips on matching your hardwood flooring stain with your wall paint colour.

A huge constellation of factors comes into play. But if your rooms have hardwood floors, two components will be especially critical: 1) the colors and undertones of the wood and 2) your own fashion. Study your flooring, and determine how neutral or bold you wish to be.


Virtually every wood or engineered hardwood floor looks great with neutral coloured paint. White, cream, tan and taupe generally qualify as impartial (depending on the colour of your floor, of course). Accents like pillows, lamps, and rugs can add pops of color if the room starts to resemble a film set depicting a colorless, dystopian, robot-ruled future.

Neutral Plus

For those who want just a little color but who don't wish to go too bold, choose a color that's similar to the undertones of this wood. For hardwood floors with a golden, orange or red undertone, use warm colors such as butter yellow or terracotta. Gray or ash-colored wood do well when paired with cooler colors, such as green or blue.


If you'd like a dramatic room, look back to the undertones of the hardwood flooring, and select the colors that are contrary to those on a colour wheel. Flooring with gold undertones will now be paired with lavender and reddish tones with lavender green. Grey and ash-colored floors would be paired with a soft peach.

Comparison Plus

Play up the dark and light contrast by pairing dark flooring with light walls and vice versa. For rooms with hardwood flooring, paint the walls a deep burgundy. When the floors are a dark mahogany, decorate the area with a peach or light gold paint.

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Wednesday, 26 February 2020

Latest Wood Flooring Finish Trends

Wood flooring end trends, such as most things interior and fashion come and go. Not so long ago, enormous chunks of the people were yearning to recreate that country kitchen look and decked out from that the heart of their houses with orange coloured, highly varnished oak. While trends that come and go, there are long-lasting style statements within those tendencies that will stand the test of time. Even the orange oak of the 1970's and 80's had solid oak in its core, albeit some stylists made it horribly wrong.

Like everything in life, investment in something that will endure as well as looking good in years to come is an extremely sensible way to go. So, what are the newest hardwood floors finish trends throwing at us right now and what if you choose to make sure you'll receive serious mileage out of your investment?

The tendencies right now appear to fall into four different categories: white and light; designer and black; dull, and distressed or aged. Each of these tendencies has been created using specific applications in mind and each one has its own merits in regards to re-looking any area in your property.

White and light - white and Light floors has been around trend for quite some time today, but is continuing to grow in its own diversity. Previously, white washed timber was the only alternative for poor men and women who could not afford paint. And it is no different with this kind of flooring. Even though most modern day flooring are not really white washed since they have been in the olden times, their end is growing increasingly more authentic in its own appearance. This white and light appearance flooring is very suited to houses where you are searching to make an open and airy appearance. Regardless of your design of furnishings, this end should do the job nicely. Nevertheless, white and light finish hardwood floors works best using shabby elegant providing that looks somewhat faded and obsolete or possibly a nautical appearance.

Designer and dark - Wood flooring that's either naturally dark or has been finished to seem dark is another highly desired fad at this moment in time. Best suited to clean, minimalist, designer-style interiors, darkish flooring comes either naturally dark (generally with a high price tag) or a finish that's been utilized to darken the timber. There are various processes that serve to darken wood and make it seem great, such as smoking the timber and burning the timber. Both of these processes cause the surface of the wood to darken without appearing in any way painted, stained or synthetic. If you are looking to create a designer and dark appearance, either a stained or stained wood will provide you a look that is highly convincing without having to dig deep in your pockets for a wood that's naturally almost shameful.

Muted - for anybody eager to play it safe, the muted tones of this pure oak finishes which are plentiful today are simply ideal. Specifically, brushed and oiled oak choices where the oak was brushed to open the grain then oiled to protect it without any glow is best. In case you've got a neutral palette in your mind for your area, you will not go wrong with some of those beige or honey-toned walnut flooring alternatives we have available. Regardless of whether you choose solid or engineered wood, you're going to have the ability to monitor a very nice, muted end which may flaunt your furnishings and inside, regardless of their style.

Mature or distressed - There's no getting away from the fact that any flooring that looks old right now has a true price and want that some'fresh' looking flooring can't actually compete with. Aged or distressed finishes on new flooring can be achieved either by machine or by hand. Hand finishing wood to distress it and make it seem old has been perfected to the extent that it is now virtually impossible to figure out if it's genuinely obsolete or not, yet this procedure is time consuming and labor intensive. Because of this it comes with a higher price tag than machine-aged flooring. That said, if your budget allows, this is a heritage investment which will look great for a very, very long time, no matter the type of your interior.

Wednesday, 5 February 2020

Easy To Care For White Wood Flooring

If you are yearning to make that sought after white hardwood flooring look that more and more of us drool over in interior magazines but are holding back because you are frightened; let us assure you. White hardwood floors is an option which can be used throughout your home without needing having to be worried about every footstep which goes through your house and surprisingly doesn't even need particular care or maintenance should you make the right decisions.

In this guide, we want to share with you our thoughts about the best way best to make the proper choices so that you may enjoy the white wood flooring of your dreams and have a stress-free life.

Selecting the Most Appropriate STYLE of white wood flooring

White hardwood floors comes in a whole slew of styles and choices, which is excellent news if you're searching for inspiration. On the other hand, the width of this option available can make this choice seem somewhat overwhelming once you're picking a white flooring for the very first time.

If it comes to deciding on the ideal design of white hardwood floors for your home, you actually ought to consider the traffic which goes through your home in addition to how inherently clean and tidy you like things to become. If you're a family of 4, 4 or 6 individuals, composed of adults as well as children and possibly have a few pets, it is certain you will want to select your white hardwood flooring more attentively than one man or woman living in a 3rd floor flat.

In case you have high traffic levels along with a risk of dirt and grime being brought directly into your home by your children and your pets in particular, it is a fantastic idea to choose a white wood flooring design which will help camouflage the grime, even when you're efficient in cleaning it up quickly. A distressed white wood floor that appears as though it has been sun bleached or aged such as will be less inclined to reveal footprints or little accidental spills or stains compared to a flooring that's'flat white' around; therefore this is well worth bearing in mind when you pick your floors style.

Choosing the Ideal FINISH to your lifestyle

Wood floors, equally engineered and strong , comes in a complete range of finishes, which is great news if you're in the market to get a white hardwood flooring. Although anyone purchasing any wood floor should consider carefully about the best finish for their special conditions, there's no getting away from the fact that if you've got a white hardwood flooring in your radar, there is even greater demand for vigilance.

If you do not have an excessive amount of traffic going through your house and you like a nice, natural look; a brushed and hardwax oiled white wood floor is very likely to tick all of your boxes. On the flip side, in case you've got a few children, and a dog and a cat, then you might be safer with a lacquered finish. All that said, if you choose a lacquered finish, you do need to be aware of the danger of scuffing and scratching. Because of this, the best advice is to search for quality and impartial expert advice regarding the very best end for your house and your unique circumstances.

TOP STARTER TIP: Reserve white wood flooring for rooms that get less Visitors

If you're reading this post and therefore are still not sure about whether you can live with the fact of white wood flooring; we have another trick up our sleeve to you.

If you're dipping your toe in the snowy timber flooring water for the very first time, then why not reserve it for a room which gets much less traffic? Indulging yourself in the white floor of your
dreams in the likes of your own bedroom or in a dining area that's only used for special occasions is a great way to develop your white wood floor assurance. By choosing a room that has less traffic, you are able to gradually examine your choice increasingly more by exposing it more to the rough and tumble of your home. We know which you'll be surprised about how well it will stand up to your challenges, but we would like you to be confident also; so this is a great way to start.

Best Strategies to protect your white Hardwood Floors

Once you've decided to take the plunge and 'go to it' using the white hardwood flooring that you really want, as you would with any other new wood flooring, you should take every step you can to protect it. You need to make sure you use the right procedures and products to wash it. You should also make sure it's a nicely topped up end at all times and take each step you can to maintain muck and dirt to the very least.

If you decide to put in white wood flooring on your hallway, for instance, you must go all out with your investment in quality indoor and outdoor doormats so that the maximum quantity of dust and grime potential is removed from boots and shoes until they march through your property. Nevertheless, you could always take the daring step of banning shoes at the house and that would solve all your troubles J!

If you want to talk about taking the plunge and buying a white hardwood flooring for your house, why not get in contact? At Floor Sanding Lambeth We will be brutally honest with you if we believe it might be an error!

Friday, 30 November 2018


Hardwood flooring is a gorgeous addition to any home, and yet one that is a consistently popular option amongst homeowners. Hardwood flooring can completely revitalise whatever room you have it fitted in, instantly adding a little class and style. They can also add substantial value to your house, as they're considered a must own by many people seeking to purchase a property.

Hardwood flooring is a rewarding investment, which will endure for years to come, as long as you treat them with caution and properly maintain them. By following a couple of simple ideas, you can ensure your hardwood flooring retain their original beauty and appeal, saving yourself function in the long term.

Be Cautious of moisture

Hardwood floors is still very much a living material, and because of this it reacts to the environment around it. Excessive levels of moisture can make your floors to cup and swell, so it is essential to be skeptical of moisture. A slightly damp mop can be used to clean hardwood surfaces, but no more than this. If a liquid gets spilled in your floors, be sure to clean it up as soon as possible, to prevent any moisture soaking into the wood.

Refrain from placing potted plants directly connected with your floors, even if they are placed on watertight saucers. Condensation can grow under these and damage your flooring. To avoid this, place your plants on trivets or racks, so that air can circulate under.

Sweep or vacuum regularly

To avoid the accumulation of dust, grime, grit, or other things that could cause scratching, sweep or vacuum the hardwood floors on a normal basis.

In the event you choose to sweep, attempt using a broom with soft bristles or a dust mop. When using a vacuum, try to turn off the beater bar if possible, since this can cause damage to your hardwood flooring. If you can't turn off the beater bar, look at using a attachment with a softer upholstery nozzle.

Pick your cleaning products Attentively

Never use standard home cleaning remedies such as furniture polish on hardwood flooring, since this may cause the surface to become slippery, leading to drops, as well as dulling the end. Always consult with the manufacturer's guidelines and utilize their preferred cleaning products to make sure your hardwood flooring does not shed its end.

Friday, 25 May 2018


A hardwood floor that has been refinished to a high standard is comparable to a gorgeous work of art, whereas a hardwood flooring that has been around sanded without care and attention can totally ruin the appearance of a room.

Do not conceal your hardwood flooring away

The recent DIY revival has maybe brought the pure beauty of wooden flooring back to our attention, and it is not before time. But regrettably the DIY competence of the individuals who try to sand their very own wooden floors has not done anything to endear these flooring to their owners. A recently sanded wooden floor should sing rather than be concealed under a mat or throw because of poor workmanship.

Sanding a hardwood flooring might appear easy and may be achievable if you employ a floor sander from a local hire store, but you'll just receive the very best finish in the event the job is left to the professionals.

If You Would like the best finish you'll need the best Gear

When sanding a wooden floor it's important that the ideal gear is used, expertise goes a very long way. For a floor to be sanded properly, different grades of sanding paper should be used in turn on a constant belt sanding machine. Any regions around the edges of the room should be finished with an edging sander and if needed any corners or areas around radiator pipes should be hand-scraped to achieve a desirable finish.

The initial coarse sanding will eliminate the heavy deposits, while the subsequent fine sanding processes will achieve the smooth end. Multiple levels of sandpaper are needed if a fine finish is required, which will show off the floor to its very best. Additionally, so no grain marks show up on the wooden surface on account of the direction where the floor was sanded, a 150 grit mesh pad on a screener/buffer may also be used before sealing to achieve a perfect finish.

A lot of men and women who do the sanding job themselves just don't get the required finish on the floor . They generally sand one area too much and others not enough and leave scuff and grain marks from the timber, which will only be highlighted while the sealant or lacquer is used.